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Premium bottled cocktails


Prepare for your taste buds to be taken on a trip around the globe via delectable cocktails that have been hand-bottled and are ready to pour. Whether you’re enjoying a taste of Japan with Suntory whisky and our Tsuta Fairytales, heading to Kentucky with the bourbon and cherry-laced Into The Woods, or taking a little trip to Italy via the ever-popular Maison Negroni, MAP Lab is the only libation navigation you need. 

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"Elegant, sophisticated, complex"

GQ magazine

Our ambition is to bring a completely different level of choice and quality to your at-home drinking experience. MAP Lab creations are ideal for the cocktail connoisseur who wants to explore new possibilities, or for the novice who wants to experiment while knowing they're in the safest of hands. We’re mixing up the mixology world when it comes to bottled cocktails and invite you to immerse yourself in the world of MAP Lab bottled cocktails with us. 

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