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Barrel Aged Mezcal Negroni, 26% ABV.  


They say don’t mess with a classic. To those people we simply reply… have you tried our Barrel-Aged Mezcal Negroni?


We’ve taken the Italian Count’s adored aperitif and given it some South of the border swagger. Mezcal is tequila’s sassier sister – barrel-aged for bags of flavour, it’s got a smokiness that is both alluring and packs a punch when combined with the bitterness of Campari and Antica Formula. By working directly with mezcal producers in Mexico every season, we discover the finest ingredients that ensures the best possible version of this twisted classic.


To serve: Stir over ice and garnish with lime zest – each satisfying sip will be elevated by the citrus zing.


Cheese Pairing:

Cheesy Beans (Mature Cheddar paired together with baked beans, they go perfect together)


Dragon Bite (slow burning cheese for any spice lover this is a perfect choice. With Jalapeños and Fire Roasted Red Peppers)


Mixed Nuts: A delicious blend of peanuts, cashews, almonds and giant corn. Also contains sugar syrup, salt, harissa spice mix, rose flavouring, paprika & sunflower oil.


Cocktail Shaker & Bar Spoon: The MAP Lab shaker is a 200ml stainless steel shaker. It is 14.5cm high and 6.2cm in diameter.

The bar spoon is also stainless steel, 19.5cm in length with a rounded top for perfect stirring.

MAP Lab - Barrel Aged Mezcal Negroni #1

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