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MAP Vesper Martini #1, 35% ABV


Consider this your license to thrill. James Bond may not have known the true way to mix a Martini, but he redeems himself with the creation of the Vesper.


A classic Martini uses gin or vodka – this hybrid combines both. Named after Vesper Lynd, the seductive double-agent born ‘on a very stormy evening’, the power of the spirits is delicately balanced with a splash of Lillet. Much like the woman herself, Vesper isn’t messing around. It’s as crisp as Bond’s tailoring, as clean as M’s enunciation, and – much like Qs gadgets – never gets boring. Vesper means ‘evening’ in Latin, and we can’t think of a better time to enjoy our perfectly executed version.


To serve: Stir with ice cubes until startingly cold, discard ice and pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon. Drinking at a roulette table or while crashing an Embassy soirée is optional.


Cheese Pairing:

Toffeely Vodka (Toffee & Vodka combined into a creamy cheddar with added Toffee chunks)


Cheddar Crunch (a mature creamy cheddar with crunchy bits inside, an absolutely classic).


Mixed Nuts: A delicious blend of peanuts, cashews, almonds and giant corn. Also contains sugar syrup, salt, harissa spice mix, rose flavouring, paprika & sunflower oil.


Cocktail Shaker & Bar Spoon: The MAP Lab shaker is a 200ml stainless steel shaker. It is 14.5cm high and 6.2cm in diameter.

The bar spoon is also stainless steel, 19.5cm in length with a rounded top for perfect stirring.


MAP Lab - MAP Vesper Martini #1

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