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Maison Negroni, 27% ABV


We let the flavours do the talking when it comes to our traditional house classic…


The not-so-humble Negroni originated in Florence over a century ago and is still one of the world’s favourite cocktails. It’s one of those seductively simple recipes – equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Which means it’s all about the balance, the quality of ingredients, and a dash of mixology magic. A beautiful deep amber hue, this adored aperitif is the perfect pre-dinner tipple, or simply when you want to add a dose of la dolce vita to your day. We believe we’ve done it justice here – we hope you agree.


To serve: If you can’t find a sunny Italian square then simply pour this cocktail, close your eyes and you’ll be transported to Piazza della Signoria. Serve with a curl of orange zest, twisting it over the glass first so the perfume settles.


Cheese Pairing:

Garlic and Parsley (mature Cheddar blended with roasted garlic and parsley).


Mixed Nuts: A delicious blend of peanuts, cashews, almonds and giant corn. Also contains sugar syrup, salt, harissa spice mix, rose flavouring, paprika & sunflower oil.


Cocktail Shaker & Bar Spoon: The MAP Lab shaker is a 200ml stainless steel shaker. It is 14.5cm high and 6.2cm in diameter.

The bar spoon is also stainless steel, 19.5cm in length with a rounded top for perfect stirring.


MAP Lab - Maison Negroni

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