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We’ve endeavoured to summon a trip to the Caribbean with every sip of this rich rum-fuelled delight.


Turquoise waters lapping against a Caribbean coastline, rustling palms, sun-warmed sugarcane and the indescribable pleasure of drifting into afternoon slumber while swaying in a hammock… all the sensations that are conjured with each sip of this teasingly tropical cocktail. Wild Rooibos tea lends its fragrant, earthy sweetness perfectly to the punch of premium rum, fusing with Angostura bitters for that additional intriguing complexity. To evoke the charm of the Caribbean even further, we’ve included earthy molasses flavoured brown sugar that give the cocktail an intensity that’s deeper than your tan after two weeks in St Lucia.


To serve: If you can’t beach them, join them… with rum. Serving this beauty in a hollowed-out coconut would be excellent but if that’s not possible then simply stir over ice and garnish with an orange twist to really get those flavours popping.


Cheese Pairing:

Cheddar Crunch (a mature creamy cheddar with crunchy bits inside, an absolutely classic).


Mixed Nuts: A delicious blend of peanuts, cashews, almonds and giant corn. Also contains sugar syrup, salt, harissa spice mix, rose flavouring, paprika & sunflower oil.


Cocktail Shaker & Bar Spoon: The MAP Lab shaker is a 200ml stainless steel shaker. It is 14.5cm high and 6.2cm in diameter.

The bar spoon is also stainless steel, 19.5cm in length with a rounded top for perfect stirring.

MAP Lab - Wild Fashioned

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